Washington State Wine

The Recommendeuer

Greg Proops is probably the PERFECT character to play a wine snob. You look at him and you think "that guy can pull off snooty." We listen to a lot of comedy podcasts over here in the tank and most of us grew up with Greg on Who's Line Is It Anyway. When John said we were going to have the chance to work with Greg Proops, we all got excited.

I wish these images came with a sound bite because I can just hear him improvising something snarky in that unique voice of his. I also hear Ryan Stiles chiming in for his turn in Hoedown, but that's just the Who's Line talking.



We spent most of our time with John working on the perfect styling and color palette. We have been working with John for so long now, that we always finish each others sandwiches... sentences. Primarily, we focused on cleaning up and polishing. Greg's face has so much character already that it retouched itself. Aside from that, We worked on bringing out detail in the skin and the suit. We love the final piece.


All of the images on this side are straight from the camera. John is FANTASTIC at composing in camera. He is also so great about shooting for post. He always knows how to work his capture in a way that saves time on our end and makes our job so easy. Again, we finish each others... sandwiches.

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