This cover, shot by Randal Ford for Texas Monthly, was for an article about how to raise a Texan in today’s world. We don’t live in Texas, but some of us grew up in the south, so we know that barbecue plays a huge part. Right? Okay, so the article is not about being raised on pulled pork and giant pieces of cornbread, but that sounds great right? Who’s ready for lunch?

Behind the scenes

About the Shoot

Randal the toddler whisperer

Randal shot all the kids individually so that we could use the best version of all the kids without worrying about kids bothering each other or burning each other out. After his captures, we concentrated on selects that really brought out the kid's personality. We had some great conversations about "poopie faces". Aside from being able to have every kid looking at the camera, shooting all the kids separately also gave us complete control over layout, arrangement and size. We used the art director's cover layout comp catered the image to perfectly fit.

We are including a behind the scenes video that Texas Monthly posted. You can tell that it was a very fun set and Randal had a blast wrangling those toddlers. He is great at shooting kids. Probably due to all that practice chasing his own kids around. He apparently chased her all the way to set because one of his kids even made the cover.

Final Cover Executions.

Here's how the cover looked when it hit the newsstands in Texas.

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